micronie-3-1MICRONIE is a collection of micro-music and soundscapes composed for web, tv, movies and live performances.

Feel free to listen and download this music for your personal use. For any commercial or non-private use make a request in the ‘contact’ section.
If you particularly like this music and want to contribute to the development of the project, you can buy a digital copy of the CD here: buy CD

MICRONIE is a web project by Giovanni Sarani:
Composer, videomaker, producer and multimedia specialist, he has worked for festivals, theaters, web and television.
As an art director he has developed projects and productions of ethnic and contemporary music.
As a media specialist he has made research on digital communication and media studies for major Italian tv networks and research institutes.
As a video maker he has made videoclips, video performances and installations for art exhibitions.
As a composer he has written music for live performances and multimedia projects.
As a musician he has worked with international artists including: Guo Yue, Wu Fei, (China), Joji Hirota (Japan), Ayub Ogada (Kenya), Ben Mandelson, Andrew Cronshaw (England), Nicola Parov (Hungary), John Faulkner, Sandra Kerr, Desi Wilkinson (Ireland), Jean Luc Capozzo (France), Yuval Avital (Israel), Joe Legabwe (South Africa), Beppe Gambetta, Stefano Valla, Marco Guglielmetti, Fulvio Marras, Patrizia Laquidara (Italy)


Italia1 (Le Iene)
Canale5 (Matrix)
Repubblica TV (Il mondo in un minuto)
La7 (Exit / Bersaglio Mobile)
La effe Television (Fischia il vento)
Mesaggero Tv
Il Mattino.it
Festival Suoni dell’Altro Mondo
Fare Festival
Festival Ultrapadum
Chicago World Music Festival
Doctors without Borders/MSF (“Forgotten Crises” campaign)
L’Officina Arte Contemporanea, Vicenza
Osservatorio di Pavia
University of Pavia
Pavia Musica 2000
Teriyaki Records


Cover painting by Enrico Mitrovich